7 Popular Reasons People Choose 55+ Living Communities Over Homeownership

The belief that homeownership is the best option for every retirement lifestyle is changing. As more and more 55+ living communities become available, adults are discovering new possibilities and finding that downsizing to a 55+ living community often provides the perfect retirement option for them as they pursue an active lifestyle.

In fact, the benefits associated with living in 55+ apartments have tipped the scales for many. Although they’re designed to meet the needs of a low-maintenance and retirement-friendly lifestyle, many 55+ living communities look just like any other residential neighborhood. They may consist of single-family homes, independent living apartments or a combination of the two. Let’s examine some reasons 55+ living communities have become so popular.

1. Safety and Security

Safety is often the number one reason many older adults choose to live in a 55+ living community. Living alone may bring a feeling of freedom, but it also includes a greater risk of break-ins, theft and potentially dangerous situations.

Communities help alleviate those concerns. For most, safety and security measures begin with a gated entrance that limits access to residents and their guests. Some communities are patrolled by security guards and most also have security cameras to improve safety in public areas.

Additional safety features go above security and may help with other issues, such as when residents are likely to slip and fall. Accessible courtyards and areas with ramps, rails and grab bars decrease the likelihood of a fall. All these features work together to create a peaceful, safe and secure living environment.

2. No Maintenance or Repairs

While it isn’t the only reason to live in a community, it’s one of the biggest: the lack of home maintenance. In a 55+ living community, you don’t need to worry about fixing your appliances or repairing features when they wear out from use. The community’s team will do that for you so you can relax and enjoy your space.

Lawn care and exterior home maintenance needs are also taken care of for you. This means no more mowing or raking leaves. No more shoveling snow and ice. No more having to worry about how to cover the costs of unexpected repairs or worry about making sure the repairs were done properly. This translates into a worry-free lifestyle with more free time to do the things you love.

3. Great Amenities

Owning a home is nice, but it rarely comes with extra perks. If you have a swimming pool, you need to maintain it yourself and you probably have a gym membership if you like to work out. 55+ communities flip that lifestyle on its head by building in amenities.

Although amenities often vary from one community to the next, many communities offer fitness centers, community clubhouses, resort-style swimming pools, community gardens, walking paths or even a spa on campus. Some 55+ living communities also feature restaurants located within the resort-style community, with plenty of other dining opportunities conveniently located close by if you prefer to go out.

Even better? If you’re interested in a luxury community, you may also gain premium services in addition to the regular amenities – one of the most popular is weekly housekeeping.

4. Purposefully Located to Provide the Best Experience

As with any real estate, location is everything, and it can be even more important for active adults. Many personal homes are in suburban areas that make it more time consuming to enjoy a night out or an activity with friends. Most 55+ living communities, however, are located near attractions adults can enjoy such as shopping, movie theaters, restaurants, parks and other entertainment venues. They are also frequently situated near a hospital, as well as various other healthcare professional service locations, making it easy to receive medical care when needed.

For example, Aspire at Carriage Hill is located in Richmond’s West End, close to restaurants, state-of-the-art medical facilities and plenty of shopping to improve residents’ lifestyles, all in an area that’s quiet and relaxing.

5. You’ll Live Among Your Peers

As the name implies, there are age restrictions on 55+ communities. That means you won’t be dealing with college-aged neighbors who throw loud, late-night parties. You also won’t have families with children that could disrupt the quiet during the late night – although you’ll probably see plenty of grandchildren visiting during the day and evening.

There are some situations that allow younger members to live in the community. For example, many communities allow a couple to live in the community as long as one of them is at least 55 years of age. The restrictions and covenant codes associated with 55+ living communities means you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded older adults who have purposefully chosen to live similar lifestyles.

6. Activities and Events

Most 55+ communities are designed for active adults that are ready to start enjoying their retirement. That means that, while there’s plenty of time to relax, communities also provide an engaging lifestyle. You’ll find that most communities have full event calendars with activities such as trips to local entertainment venues, excursions to museums and art galleries, trips to restaurants, cooking classes, various social and hobby clubs, exercise classes, game and movie nights, monthly birthday celebrations and many other types of activities.

Many communities structure their programs to provide a wide variety of activities, especially those that help residents explore new hobbies and interests. Activities are open to all residents – and often friends and family – so it’s also easy to expand your network, meeting new friends who have similar interests.

7. Simplified Finances

Most expenses are included in the cost of independent living, making it easy to pay the bills. Expenses such as rent, most utilities, internet and cable are included. The scheduled events, amenities and maintenance are also rolled into that single bill, making monthly and yearly financial management much easier.

In many cases, a community can also be less expensive than owning a private home. Many adults evaluate the long-term cost differences, including maintaining their home with common costs such as roof replacements, upgrades, installing rails and purchasing new appliances to find that the all-inclusive aspect of a community saves them money.

55+ Apartments at Aspire at Carriage Hill

These 55+ communities are designed to enhance your lifestyle, and Aspire at Carriage Hill is no different. Our independent living community includes everything you need to stay healthy, involved, entertained and safe.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, our apartments feature 10 spacious independent living floor plans where you’re sure to enjoy the luxury of worry-free living. Contact us to learn more.

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