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There’s so much to know about inspired retirement living. A good place to start is here. These articles cover a range of topics you’re curious about, including how to choose the best community for you and how to plan for your move.

5 Home Exercises for Seniors with Pictures

Posted on 05/01/2020

The ideal workout includes stretching, aerobic exercise, core and strength training. That sounds like a lot, especially if you’re working

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Senior Identity Theft Statistics and Tips for Protecting Yourself

Posted on 04/02/2020

Adults 65 years old and better can be particularly vulnerable to identity theft and fraud by scammers who want to

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What Senior Housing Plans Can I Choose From?

Posted on 02/25/2020

When you’re comfortably into your retirement and ready to give up the responsibilities of owning a home, you probably don’t

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Downsizing Experts Share Tips With Aspire at Carriage Hill Community

Posted on 02/17/2020

Members of Aspire at Carriage Hill and our neighbors in the greater Richmond area recently gathered to hear from some local experts on downsizing in preparation for a move. If you are considering downsizing, here are a few highlights to help you get started.

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7 Popular Reasons People Choose 55+ Living Communities Over Homeownership

Posted on 01/23/2020

The belief that homeownership is the best option for every retirement lifestyle is changing. As more and more 55+ living

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