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Meet the Aspire at Carriage Hill team.

The Aspire at Carriage Hill team believes that small details can go a long way in providing a quality living environment. Each day, we focus on both the big picture as well as the little touches. That attention to detail is integral to providing exceptional service, and it’s often those details that stick out most in our members’ and visitors’ minds when they recount their experiences.

Every team member of Aspire at Carriage Hill has a background in working with older adults, and we use our collective experience to create a high-end, high-enjoyment living environment that Richmond members deserve. At the forefront of our focus is a commitment to core values like freedom of choice and individualism, both of which are integral to working closely with adults seeking endless possibilities for the next chapter of their lives. Our philosophy stresses that people should be given all the necessities and opportunities to engage with a broader community and create an enriching lifestyle.

Our team members excel at this balance, keeping the living experience both community-centric while placing importance on individual needs. No two situations are the same, so living options should be adaptable in order to accommodate the wide range of needs that exist. In offering an expansive array of services catered to individual needs, our team helps members embrace a new quality of life structured just for them.

How we manage to raise expectations.

Engaged, fulfilled living at Aspire at Carriage Hill is driven by a commitment that starts at the top. The community and its highly trained and experienced team are led by Solvere Living, with 175 years combined experience in creating and leading successful senior living communities. To learn more about Solvere Living and their management team, visit their website.

Guided by integrity, transparency and loyalty, your highly credentialed leadership team includes:

  • Ashley Dugger, General Manager
  • Amanda Klint, Business Office Manager
  • Jamie Rucci, Salus Director
  • Chris Brown, Dining Services Director
  • Wakee Creasy, Environmental Services Director
  • Abigail Connolly, Marketing Coordinator


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