Madison Cummings General Manager

Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working with mature adults with respect to their hearing challenges. Requiring patience and exceptional listening skills as a specialist I didn’t just look at the person in front of me, I had to really delve to find out what motivated them, their fears, what they expect for the quality of life. What maters most as they go forward into later years. This transitioned well as I ventured to an independent living community as Executive Director. Giving me the ability to experience all levels of property management and successfully utilizing my years in sales, marketing, management and business development coupled with years of experience as a specialist. Now as General Manager for an upscale independent living community, Aspire at Carriage Hill, everyone gets a silver spoon!

I love the ocean, ebb and flow of the tide, the vastness. I am a sky watcher, always looking up; nature proves a healing mechanism. Blessed with great family and friends… icing on the cake.

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